Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I am Not a Squirrel

We've been so excited to get to know our great neighbors over the past year.  They very conveniently have two daughters right around our girls' ages and the parents are great too.  I haven't been friends with any of my neighbors since we lived next to the Longs in Kenya and I was in middle school, so this is great fun.
The youngest turned three last week and I knew exactly what to make her.  She likes to play this little game where she collects acorns and offers them to her parents to eat, they respond by saying "I'm not a squirrel" and she doubles over in laughter.  

I had seen this printed corduroy at Superbuzzy awhile ago and loved it, but never bought it.  But after seeing this great game I had a great excuse.  

The dress is the Oliver + S Family Reuinion Dress, again.  Actually it's a shirt.  I had planned a dress with long sleeves, but have just now realized that one yard does not go that far past the infant stage. :(  I changed the sleeve to a cap sleeve--the red line on the pattern piece shows how I made that change.  I think it's sweet and makes it more wearable in the winter over a long sleeve shirt than the original sleeve does.  

I fully realize how much a three year old might not appreciate clothing as a birthday gift.  So I made her a little squirrel too.  The pattern comes from a pattern book I don't recommend, but it worked out this time anyway.
Happy birthday.


  1. What a cute squirrel and such an exquisite top, the trim and buttons are such a perfect match, looks so boutique. I'd totally wear it...if I could fit :P

  2. This is a lovely take on the Family Reunion pattern. My3- and 4-year-olds are starting to appreciate mama-made clothing as gifts ... but only if it is in the right color family and with the appropriate amount of sparkle ;)