Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sheep & Wool

Three years ago we went to our first Sheep and Wool festival.  Lucia was 6 weeks old.  It was nearly 100 degrees.  And super fun.  The next year I remembered it the week after it happened, and the following year Elena was 2 weeks old, so we skipped it.  This year we were sure to mark it on our calendars and get out there.

It was super fun again.  After seeing lots of sheep, Lucia finally got the courage to touch one.  She was so proud.  We ate fair food.  We saw lots of animals.  I did a little bit of shopping and very little buying.  

My all-time favorite picture of Juan and Lucia.

 This is what two kids will do to you in just three years.  I'm afraid of what I will look like in 10. 


Watching the sheep get sheared.  

Elena pre-walking.  (She's wearing a the "ombliguito" dress I made for Lucia two years ago.)

Elena signing horse even though we were looking at a sheep.  (All animals are "horses" right now.)


Back home relaxing in the hammock.
And, just for fun, here's a little modeled shot of Lucia wearing the dress I made her.  As you can see, it fits perfectly...YAY!  (She did the styling.  :))