Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Mary and her Little Lamb

The dress for Lucia's Mary costume came from United Colors of Benetton and the staff came from Party City.   I made the prairie hat using this tutorial but left off the ruffle at the front. I made the bloomers from a vintage lace half-slip a former coworker gave me when she heard I was making this costume.  I just used a short bloomer/diaper cover pattern from Ottobre and lengthened them.  Then I put an elastic casing at the top of the lace so they would gather right under her knees.  I may take out the elastic so she can wear them as pajama pants.  I'm also thinking about making myself some pajama pants cut on the bias like that, they fell so nicely. 

I also made Elena's lamb costume.  The pattern was Ottobre 4/2012 but I added the ears and the tail.  The fabric is Michael Miller organic sherpa.  It is SO soft, probably the softest fabric I've ever sewn with.  I am dreaming about making us each a lined hoodie with it, and blankets for each of the girls to take to daycare... if only it wasn't so expensive.

I love how each of their costumes turned out.  Lucia had a lot of fun being Mary and sang the song all day long.  I hope next year we can avoid being a princess or a fairy, but if not, I got my chance this year. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloweens Past

Leading up to Halloween 2012 I thought it would be fun to show you some pictures from Lucia's first two Halloweens.  I've never really had a reason to get into Halloween before but I am sure enjoying it now.  Since the day care is located at my office the kids have a Halloween costume parade through my building each year.  It is so much fun because I get to see the kids all decked out and share it with the other parents and my coworkers.

2010  OWL



1981 ??

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Paca Fun Farm

Last weekend Lucia and I went on our annual pumpkin hunt to Comus Market.  As we drove out there I kept seeing signs for an alpaca farm open house.  So on the way back we decided to stop.  It was so much fun.

When we pulled up to A Paca Fun Farm we could see some alpacas out in front in the fields.  I thought that was the extent of it besides the little store, but after we went in the store they asked us if we'd been out back to see the alpacas.  From there we walked straight into the barn with just a little fence between us and the alpacas.

Lucia seemed to know instinctively to be quiet and calm.   She just watched and watched them.  She was especially taken with the two big dogs who care for the alpacas.  They were eye level with her so I thought she would be scared but she wasn't.  All week she has been talking about George (one of the dogs) who became her imaginary dog friend.

I was loving the baby alpacas.  This one was only two days old (that white fur in the front is one of the dogs).

I also loved getting to see a little into the process of making the fiber into yarn.  They talked us through the process of shearing the alpacas, cleaning the fiber and then dying it.  We could see into her dying studio too.

After all of that I had no choice but to buy some yarn of course.  I bought a lovely bulky yarn to make Lucia a sweater, she picked the color.  More on that when I finish.

I thought these last two were about 2 months old, but looking at the picture it looks like they might be different ages.

PS.  In case you are wondering about Lucia's dress.  I made it in the Spring, it's Anna Maria Horner LouLouThi Velveteen, In The Clearing Berry.  Such lovely fabric.  The pattern is Ottobre 3/2011, Tropical Blend.  I love that she is wearing some things longer now because it seemed like a silly fabric to use heading into summer.  She did wear it quite a bit during the summer though without a shirt underneath.  I'm so happy that it still fits and that she loves it so much too.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sleep Sacks

I made something!  It felt like it took forever to finish such a simple project, but given the little amount of free time I had these last couple of weeks, it is an accomplishment after all.  

When Lucia was a baby we never used sleep sacks, we swaddled her and later just put blankets on her despite the warnings.  But between the fact that Elena never liked being swaddled and we were given an awesome set of sleep sacks when she was born, we were sold.  She just grew out of those and it was time for bigger ones.  We also wanted something a little warmer than what we had.  So, here is another example of "I can make it".

The details:  The fabric is mostly gauze receiving blankets.  The one one the left above has a knit lining.   The one on the right is cotton batting and free-motion quilted, the one on the left is wool batting.   I made the lion one second and you can tell that I learned a couple of things from the first one.  The zipper on the one on the monkey one came out wonky, so I used wonder tape for the second one and it looks so much better.  Also, I added a strip of white jersey behind the zipper and folded over the top so it won't scratch her chin.  Finally, both have separating zippers that open from the bottom.  The Sleep Sacks have the zippers this way and I think it's such a great idea.  It keeps the zipper pull away from the baby's face and you won't accidentally catch their neck skin when you zip it up (poor Lucia, I did that too her once).   

Anyway, if anyone is interested in the dimensions or more details so you can make your own, please let me know!

Sleep tight. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A piggy for my love

I got to start and finish something this week!  It's a small accomplishment for a three day weekend, but that was the kind of weekend it was.  This is a pattern by one of my favorite artists and bloggers, Abby Glassenberg.  She is an amazing designer of softies but an even better teacher.  Her blog is so instructive.  I am eagerly waiting for her second book, it's all about designing your own softies!  

Elena loves her little piggy.  I am planning to make her a second identical one to take to day care.  I think it will help her fall asleep since she likes to suck on a piece of cloth with her thumb.  The fabric is a lovely Japanese cotton terry that I found at Momen+ this summer.

And what better for lunch on a day off than breakfast.  Lucia and I had pancake bites!  Libby, these were delicious and a perfect solution for pancakes when you just don't have time to stand in front of the stove.  I made the orange cloud pancakes from King Arthur which were delicious. I'll be making these again. 


Welcome to my blog.

I’ve been writing this blog for about five years actually, the only problem is that it’s always been in my head. I’m finally taking the plunge and starting a real one. For the past five years I’ve become a faithful follower of numerous sewing blogs and I seem to be adding a new one to my reader each day. I can’t get enough. I love how the online sewing community has taught me so much over the past few years and how it has made me see what is possible with this favorite craft of mine.

My mom taught me to sew when I was young. I remember clearly how much I loved when she sewed for me. I plan to show some of the things she made that I keep dear. And I love that she had the patience to teach me and the willingness to let me use her machine. My best friend used to tease me that we always had a “project” going and that we would always say “I could make that” when out shopping. We still do both.

Now I have two little girls, Lucia and Elena, who I love to sew for more than anyone else. Lucia often asks me if I made her dress.  I find it irresistible to sew gifts for all my other nieces and nephews, their mommies and daddies and anyone else who comes along. I also love it when Juan asks me to sew something for the house, it makes me know that he values my craft. And then between all of that (and work, child care, cooking, housekeeping, etc.) I sometimes sew for myself. When I'm not sewing I dream about sewing, day and night.

I hope you come along on my little journey.