Thursday, November 15, 2012

We're rollin'

I've been making this recipe of cinnamon rolls for a couple years now.  I searched all over the internet to find a good overnight recipe and I LOVE this one by Pink of Perfection.

For two years I've been making them at Christmastime for the daycare teachers and last year I started making them for the annual charity bake sale at work.  The only problem is that they must be individually wrapped and since I bake them that morning it can be a pain.

So this year I decided to search around for a good way to bake them already wrapped, or at least a start.  I came across these pannetone wrappers and used those for the bake sale.  I thought they worked out well.  After they baked I put them each in a plastic bag from Michael's and closed them with a twist-tie. But this weekend I decided to do a true test and compare baking them in the pannetone wrapper versus a mini tart wrapper (left over from a Panera souffle).  Ta da:

The mini tart wrapper (left) wins.   The cinnamon roll in the pannetone paper was fun the way in grew up but it didn't really maintain the center and all of the filling spilled up to the top and out.  The other one kept everything contained in the paper and even left a little yummy leftovers at the bottom if you dare lick it off (cheese paper anyone?).  Now I'm off to find the best deal for mini tart papers online.  Or I'll just go buy a bunch of souffle's.

One more note:  I usually follow the recipe to a T except I only make about half the glaze, it's too much for my family.  But the ones in the picture were actually made with whole wheat flour.  Use the 2 1/4 cups whole wheat in the initial mix and then add all-purpose flour for the remaining.  I bought white whole wheat for my next batch.  I'll be sure to report back.

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  1. I made these yesterday-- YUMM!!! Thanks for the recipe...