Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Argyle Anyone?

My sister, Libby, and I send boxes of baby/kids clothes back and forth across the country.  I think this is to save money, but I’m not really sure it does.  Either way, it’s fun to see our girls wearing the same clothes.  I love how even with the same clothes on they are each unique.

In one of the last boxes she sent there was an argyle baby sling.  Since she and I are fans of the Moby I figured she must have bought this one for the fabric (she loves argyle) or maybe it was a gift, I don’t know.  But since it wasn’t being used I asked her if I could cut into it and use it for an outfit for Elena.

I love it!  She has gotten so many complements on the outfit too. 

The pattern is design 4 in Ottobre 6/2009. And it essentially cost me $0 and 2 hours to make.

The fabric is cotton with a tiny bit of nylon for minimal stretch.  It fits just right and is a little hard to get on and off.  But I’m glad I made it when I did because I don’t think I had enough fabric for a larger size.

The only change I made to the pattern was to add a ¼ inch seam allowance on the sleeves and armhole.  I planned to use sew binding to the inside to finish these edges instead of binding these edges with visible binding like the pattern indicated.  But I couldn’t find any fabric in my stash that I thought matched (even though it wouldn’t show) and I was getting tired/lazy, so I just serged the edges, folded them over once and top-stitched them down.

These one-piece coveralls are our favorite things to dress her in at this age, so I definitely plan to make her more, in the next size of course.  The next one will probably be in jegging fabric, something with a little more stretch will make diaper changes easier since it doesn't have snaps.

I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with how I matched the pattern.

Stay tuned, I have a big reveal this weekend!

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  1. I think the pattern matching is excellent and creative! and actually I think you made the coverall better by turning down hems rather than binding, it should be a little less bulky? she looks so cute and snazzy - what a great idea to repurpose the cool argyle :)