Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Banner and a PSA

Do you love my new banner?  (Google Reader users, hop on over to the blog to check it out.)  My awesome sister, Libby, designed it for me and I'm so excited about it!  Thanks Libby!  You really should do graphic arts for a living.

On another note, I have an important PSA (public sewing announcement, haha) to share with you.   Do you know about Small Business Saturday?   Essentially you get $25 free from American Express if you make a $25 or greater purchase from a participating small business.  I found out about it last year and got two free patterns from Oliver + S.  They are doing it again this year, so if you want some of their patterns this is the weekend to order them.  But it made me wonder if there were any other online sewing shops participating, so I contacted Superbuzzy and Purl Soho (there's a certain fabric I've had my eye on for awhile).

Superbuzzy can't offer the $25 rebate but is offering 15% off your entire order that day.   According to an email I received from Purl they are participating. *

Finally, never a missed opportunity to do a little sewing.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

*Check out this link for more information on how to participate, you have to sign up with American Express first.  Also, I'm just passing on the information I received, so please don't blame me if it's wrong!)

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