Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sleep Sacks

I made something!  It felt like it took forever to finish such a simple project, but given the little amount of free time I had these last couple of weeks, it is an accomplishment after all.  

When Lucia was a baby we never used sleep sacks, we swaddled her and later just put blankets on her despite the warnings.  But between the fact that Elena never liked being swaddled and we were given an awesome set of sleep sacks when she was born, we were sold.  She just grew out of those and it was time for bigger ones.  We also wanted something a little warmer than what we had.  So, here is another example of "I can make it".

The details:  The fabric is mostly gauze receiving blankets.  The one one the left above has a knit lining.   The one on the right is cotton batting and free-motion quilted, the one on the left is wool batting.   I made the lion one second and you can tell that I learned a couple of things from the first one.  The zipper on the one on the monkey one came out wonky, so I used wonder tape for the second one and it looks so much better.  Also, I added a strip of white jersey behind the zipper and folded over the top so it won't scratch her chin.  Finally, both have separating zippers that open from the bottom.  The Sleep Sacks have the zippers this way and I think it's such a great idea.  It keeps the zipper pull away from the baby's face and you won't accidentally catch their neck skin when you zip it up (poor Lucia, I did that too her once).   

Anyway, if anyone is interested in the dimensions or more details so you can make your own, please let me know!

Sleep tight. 

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  1. Those came out so cute and they look super cozy!