Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Christmas Crafts: Last minute gifts

I'm pretty notorious for giving gifts after the event and this Christmas was no different.  Despite starting earlier and making, what I thought, was a reasonable gift list, life caught up with me.  So here in one post are the rest of the gifts...some came on time and some a little later.

First off is Elena's stocking.  I knew I couldn't let her first Christmas pass without making her a stocking.  Stockings  are the best!  As you can tell, I used the same pattern I used for all of ours.  I also used a similar fabric as the Lucia's (far right).  It's actually a cafe curtain from Superbuzzy.  I really like the fabric because the border print is fun and the fabric itself is really nice.  The only downside is that it has holes along the top for the curtain rod.  On Lucia's I cut out the batting and it let the lining show through, but it looks odd.  So I just let the batting show on Elena's.   The other funny thing about this fabric is that Lucia is convinced it has little "baby Jesus's" all over it.  I think it's hilarious that she thinks the matryoshka dolls look like baby Jesus.   

Here's a picture of the lining.  It's a fun pink polka dot seersucker someone gave me. 

This is the other gift I barely got done before Christmas.  In fact, I think I wrapped it before it was hemmed.  The pattern is Simplicity 1721 and the fabric is a great flannel from Momen+.   This is the closest I could get to getting a modeled shot of the pants.  


Some more lovies for my youngest nieces and nephew.

The tails are my favorite part.

And an apron for Lori, modeled here by Lucia.  I used a fun dishcloth from Anthropologie I got for my birthday and the pattern is the free apron pattern on Sew Liberated.  It is a great, easy pattern and it goes to show you that Meg really knows kids--Lucia can put it on by herself.

And, finally, a craft bag for Vayda.  The fabric is Crafty Chloe by Heather Ross.  I sent Vayda the book for her birthday and word on the street is that she LOVES it (I need to order if for Lucia soon).  Inside the bag I included supplies for Vayda to make this.

That's it for Christmas gifts.  I know, it's March.  I need to catch up on my blogging, I have a lot of things to show and tell.

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