Monday, April 8, 2013


The munchkin turned three a couple weeks ago.  And following tradition, I made her a new outfit for the occasion.  

The skirt is the Oliver + S Hopscotch skirt.  I love this little pattern, it is like the Tulip skirt pattern by Wikstenmade for little girls.  The funny thing is that what attracted me to the skirt in the first place was the cute little take-out box pockets.  But when I saw these pockets, I knew I wanted to incorporate some cat pockets into something for my girl.  

The shirt is a raglan from Ottobre XX.  I copied my good friend Layla's idea to make a birthday shirt but something a little more abstract than the number.  The funny thing is that the shirt was so big I had to tuck it in so you couldn't see the word three, and both Lucia and her teacher thought that one of the flowers was a kite.  But since they were so excited about that fact, I didn't say anything to correct them. 

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  1. happy birthday La Luce! (I want to see some photos of her crafty mama too!!!)